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One more good reason to AVOID PACKAGED FOODS!

Photo found on Flickr Here’s another gem for the “Sneaky Blue Food” category that came in my nearly-daily Mercola newsletter this morning. Is this ever a Hot Button for me. Read on and protect yourselves dear Friends… If you pick … Continue reading

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I have but one question…

… I have *seven* cats. What does that make me? You’re right. I don’t want to know. Please note: it’s not like I reside in a studio apartment with my feline throng… I live on acreage, People. This fact should … Continue reading

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Rx for thought…

I just gave our very old cat his antibiotic liquid and was intrigued by the fact that it is BANANA flavored… and not just banana… really BAD banana.* For a cat. Is it just me or does it seem for … Continue reading

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Beer… Me… Yes.

Try though I might, I have never been able to like beer. I WANT to like it, but that particular acquisition of taste has perpetually eluded me. Hefeweizen has always been the closest thing to an enjoyable beer I have … Continue reading

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A Moment for the Queen

Two years ago today she ran back into Grandad’s arms… and I can still feel them celebrating. Here’s to Queen Esther and her King George, to whom I owe so much. I miss you both terribly, but know you are … Continue reading

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God spoke to me through Thai food.

It’s important to recognize when the fortune cookie is smarter than you are. The wisdom delivered here hit me right between the eyes. It goes far beyond exposing the recklessness of deception. It’s also a reminder I can’t put anything … Continue reading

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