Angel Acres Welcomes Willy and Lily!

Meet Sweet William and Lily of the Valley

As Nature is so prone to doing… she has made a fool of me.

Yesterday, at almost the precise moment I posted about the girls’ boredom waiting for their babies to come… Tina was giving birth to Willie… a mere 30 minutes after I had left her having decided she wasn’t showing any signs of serious labor and assuring her I would check back in an hour.

Some midwife I am!

When Grace left for school I commented that maybe she would come home to babies… to which she replied, “I hope they wait. I would really like to see them be born.”

Well, as usual for miss “God’s unmerited favor,” she makes one small comment and the Big Guy trips all over Himself to give her what she wants. (This could and may be a post unto itself.) No sooner had she gotten home from school, walked out to the barn and ran back in yelling, “Tina’s freaking out! I’m scared, Mama!” We hurried to the pen to find her birthing her first baby, a vigorous, darling little boy we named Sweet William… Willy for short.

Tina is an outstanding mother and immediately got to work on getting him cleaned up while we awaited the next arrival.

About fifteen minutes later, along came Willy’s little sister, Lily of the Valley. A little less active than her brother, but every bit as adorable, she was born sack and all so needed some help from yours truly to break free of her bubble. She was a little slower to get moving, but now gives her brother a run for his money with her feistiness. Just this morning, they were already competing for the favored spot in the stall… the cozy corner under the heat lamp. They jostled and butted and stepped on each other until, like all well-parented siblings, they reached a compromise.

Sibling Harmony

So tired. Tired of waiting...

In the mean time, Junie still waits. She’s been having some tummy trouble so it’s hard to tell if she’s uncomfortable in her belly or if she’s in labor… :-\  Last night I had no choice but to force a slurry of probiotics and baking soda water down her throat in hopes of slowing down her gut a bit… only now is she speaking to me again. Never wrestle a pregnant woman. It really ticks them off.

I reluctantly left her at 10:30 last night when it seemed like she was finally relaxing and her breathing had softened. At 2:30 this morning, I snuck out and quietly peered through the window to find everyone awake, but calm so back to bed I went.

Tina eating a well-earned breakfast while the kids nap in the corner.

In just a few minutes my very kind and generous friend, Linda, is coming down off the mountain to teach me how to give shots and offer a second opinion on Junie’s condition so I need to sign off and get more coffee… then back to the barn I go.

Stay tuned…



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I am ridiculously, overwhelmingly, unfathomably Blessed.
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6 Responses to Angel Acres Welcomes Willy and Lily!

  1. Melissa says:

    I can’t get over how adorable Willy and Lily are. Love!! You’re such a brilliant writer. Looking forward to reading about your next adventure. 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    Oh my freaking goodness soooo cute! I want to see them asap!

  3. Sylvia Stewart says:

    They are very sweet, Angeleen. Your mom sent me your post. Incidentally, I LOVE the way you write. Your humor comes through so naturally. You mother is right — again. You need to write a book! SIGH Can’t wait!

  4. Chrissy says:

    This goat “grandma” is so happy for you. Tina’s babies are adorable and it is so calming to know Tina and June went to a fantabulous home! Those babies are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Lilly looks just like June when she was born.
    I hadn’t been to your blog before. The picture of Grace and the girls is adorable!

  5. Lori Butcher says:

    Isn’t it just amazing that they are a few hours old and already butting each other. They crack me up every time. When we had babies I walked around laughing all the time. God has a fabulous sense of humor.

  6. Trina says:

    So cute! Thank you for sharing your adventures. Love the pics too! Ah, the joys of living on acreage. Hugs for your girls.

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