Just when I was about to post some entertaining filler…

{Unofficially} Sunshine Poppy and Black Eyed Susan

… Junie changed my plans and got very, VERY busy!

I had hoped she would deliver this morning, but she’s really an overachiever.

Anna checked on Junie before she left for school at about 6:15 and reported that there wasn’t much going on.

At 7:15, Grace and I went out and she seemed perhaps a little uncomfortable but nothing too alarming. As we were leaving the barn, however, there was evidence that she might be getting serious within the next few hours.

At about 7:25, I put Junie in the kidding pen and told her I would be back just as soon as I got Grace off to school. By 8:10, donned in my warmer barn clothes, good book and hot coffee in hand, I arrived at the barn to find my darling doe looking like she was in mid birth!  On second glance however, I saw a baby laying next to her! As I came inside the pen, low and behold there was another one standing behind her!

In the space of 45 minutes I had missed the whole thing. *sigh*

Suzy the goat

A cool surprise is that we got a black

Early the alpaca

one! Actually, the funniest part is that her face markings are very much like one of our alpacas!  Early and I will be having a conversation later. 😉

Their unofficial names, pending approval from the authorities upon their return home from school are, Black Eyed Susan and Sunshine Poppy.  Suzy and Poppy for short, of course.

I’m pretty sure Suzy was born first since she was drier and standing up and Poppy still seemed kinda loopy from the whole experience. These two aren’t as perky as their older counterparts, but they arrived so fast they’re probably still getting their bearings!

Please be praying for little Suzy, though. She has a back leg that keeps wanting to bend backward at the knee. I suspect that perhaps she had it hyperextended in the womb and it just needs to remember how it’s supposed to bend… and will as she gains strength… but that is only my humble, lay-vet observation. My friend, Linda, just stopped by and believes she’ll be just fine in the next 48 hours so that’s a relief. She’s had lambs come out in way worse shape… like with broken legs… and they heal, so Suzy’s not in bad shape at all.  I think I’ll still give her the selenium/vitamin E treatment advised by Chrissy, Junie’s previous mom. Can’t hurt, right?

Well… I guess this concludes the Angel Acres Kidding Extravaganza for now. Thanks for joining me in this exciting new chapter for our farm. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more amazing and joyful developments. I will, of course, keep you informed.

In the mean time, we’re all pretty tuckered out around here so if you need us, we’ll be napping…

It's exhausting work being born.

Blessings on you and your little corner of paradise, wherever that may be.



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6 Responses to Just when I was about to post some entertaining filler…

  1. Melissa says:

    Ooooo they are beyond adorable!!!! So proud of you, Beautiful Farm Girl. 🙂

  2. Mom/The "Grandma" says:

    TO CUTE! And she did it all by herself. Bet she thinks she’s pretty smart.

    • Mom/The "Grandma" says:

      Forgot to mention too, that YES, I DO think you should have that talk with Early!! Looks very suspecious to me.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I think we should breed the ‘younger’ girls. This was fun. 🙂

  4. Mom/The "Grandma" says:

    Think SUNSHINE is a great name of Sunshine Poppy. She just looks like Sunshine. 🙂
    They are both SO cute.

  5. Trina says:

    I like Junie’s smile as she lays next to her sleepy kids.

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