The Bored and the Beautiful

Ladies in waiting

Today is the day before Tina’s “official” due date. Junie was bred within just a couple days of her so I decided to pen them both up… besides, they’re inseparable. It would be cruel and unusual to keep them apart for such an important family event.

Pardon me a moment while I have a Father Of The Bride 2 Flashback…

Ok, I’m back now.

So the girls are feeling cooped up and outside of fighting over the only apple, a worming treatment, some very visible, vigorous baby activity and the occasional obvious contraction, they are bored out of their minds.

Poor darlings.

I’d love to throw them a deck of cards or a magazine with which to keep themselves entertained but, alas, they would only eat them.

Farm Girl Midwife, out… for now.


About Angeleen

I am ridiculously, overwhelmingly, unfathomably Blessed.
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